How to Choose a Trustworthy Auto Shop

According to recent polls, most Americans do not trust auto mechanics. The distrust is understandable; they charge significant portions of money for issues that most of us can’t really understand, and some of them do in fact try to rip off their customers. Not all auto shops are crooked, though, and having a good mechanic is practically necessary in the modern day. So how can you choose an auto shop you can trust?

Ask a Friend
Some of the best recommendations you’ll get of local shops come from people you know. After all, the internet is too global to have the best suggestions for every area, so if you need to get brake repair in Mesquite TX, someone writing an article in New Hampshire won’t be able to help you much. Asking people in the area will be the best way to find your initial options that you’ll want to sift through.

Read Reviews
You’ll likely be able to eliminate a few options without even having to go to them. While the internet might not be the best way to find options, once you have those options, the internet is a fantastic way to evaluate them. Everyone writes reviews nowadays, so check the reviews of every shop on your list to cut it down further.

Get Quotes on a Small Service
Now that you have a few options left, bring your car to each and ask for quotes on a small service. You don’t want the first experience you have with the shop to be a catastrophe, because you want to be able to easily walk out on them. Go with whomever you get the best feel from based on the quote compared to the other shops and your conversation with them.

Watch for Bullies
A mechanic who sees an issue with your car can absolutely recommend that you spend hundreds of dollars to fix it. After all, they are doing a diagnosis on your car, and giving you a professional opinion. They can even strongly recommend it, if the issue is bad enough. However, it should always be your choice. If you ever feel like they are strong-arming you, or trying to tell you what you need to do instead of giving advice, that is a big red flag. The best shops will often even bring you into the floor to let you see the problem physically, even if you don’t understand it.

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