How To Buy A Mattress

Buying a mattress is not only a major purchase, it is one that can have a serious impact, one way or the other, on your comfort and well being. There is probably no other piece of furniture in your house that you will spend more time on, even the most comfortable recliner won’t keep you glued to it for a full eight hours like a good mattress will. How can you go about finding the best mattress and the best mattress store in Lafayette?

Mattress technology is not static. If you have not made a mattress purchase for a number of years the first thing you should do is research, visit various sites that deal with mattresses, and see what is being said by the companies as well as the consumer. While you are online you can also get a feel for prices, they may be a little higher when you buy in a mattress store in Lafayette because they have overhead to consider. However, have you ever tried to lie down on a mattress that is displayed on the internet?

It is hard to accurately gauge the firmness until you actually test a mattress but there are a few factors that can point you in the right direction. If you traditionally suffer from back problems focus on a medium-firm mattress, this is an ideal choice as it gives good support to the lower back, helping to reduce pain. If you are looking at an innerspring design, don’t give any credence to the spring count, the number of springs really has little or no effect on the comfort level.

Make sure you have enough space, you and your partner may want a king size mattress but if it won’t fit in the space allotted you will have to make another choice. If you do have room for a king, bear in mind that there are two sizes; Eastern and California, the California is a little bigger.

With this information on hand you can now visit a mattress store in Lafayette. You will be well enough informed that you should be able to ask intelligent questions and receive intelligent answers. The chances of finding a sales person that really knows what they are talking about is far better when you take your business to a specialty retailer.

When you identify a mattress that seems to meet your requirements, test it out. There is nothing embarrassing about laying on a mattress in the store for 10 or 15 minutes, that is exactly why a specialty mattress store in Lafayette has floor samples. Remember, you will be spending untold hours on your mattress and it is an expensive acquisition so you want to do it right the first time.

The best specialty mattress store in Lafayette is one that lets you shop by feel, type and brand. You will be pleased with the selection and the knowledgeable people when you shop at Mattress Direct in Lafayette. If you want to make happy customer then contact Mattress Direct store.

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