How the Lemon Law Protects You as a Future Car Buyer in Ohio

The main point of the Lemon Law is to protect you if you buy a car with problems. This is a very important protection that you should be aware of. At some point, all of us have to make an investment into a new vehicle. This can go bad when the car doesn’t function as expected. Learn how you can take advantage of the Ohio Lemon Law’s protection.

A Brief Look at the Law

In Ohio, there are some specific things to know about the Lemon Law. If you experience any sort of vehicle impairment within the first year of purchase, you may be covered. There may also be a mileage limit of 18,000 miles. Be sure to check with the latest changes in Ohio Lemon Law to make sure you meet the requirements.

More on the Requirements

There are a few more criteria that you must satisfy to use the Lemon Law. You may need to show that the vehicle has spent around 30 days in a mechanic’s care. You may also need to prove that there were three or more attempts to resolve the problem. Alternatively, you may need to show that there were more than eight attempts to fix a combination of issues.

What to do Next

If you suspect you are suffering from a vehicle defect, start researching the Lemon Law right away. The Ohio Lemon Law can be your best form of assistance during this time.

For more help understanding the Lemon Law, contact Lemon Law America.

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