How Mold Testing Can Reveal a Hidden Problem

by | Mar 20, 2013 | Construction and Maintenance

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You have probably heard of the health problems associated with mold growing in your home, but what you may not know is that you could have a mold problem even if you cannot see anything growing. Mold can look like tiny spots of dirt, so you may not even realize what it is. In the meantime, there could be a larger colony growing somewhere out of sight. Mold can often grow in hidden places like underneath wallpaper or carpet, on pipes, or even between the walls. However, there are several non-visual signs of mold growth, and if you experience any of them, you should immediately seek mold testing in San Francisco.

Mold needs a lot of moisture to grow, so if you have recently had flooding, leaks, or a burst pipe or water heater, you should seek mold testing in San Francisco. Finding the first signs of a mold colony before it becomes a larger problem could prevent a lot of damage to your home and your health. Mold has a distinctive smell, and it can often manifest itself even when you don’t see anything. In addition, it has adverse health effects, which could indicate a hidden problem. If you find that your allergies are acting up at home but go away, when you leave, this is a good indication that you should seek mold testing.

While you can test for mold yourself, it is best to hire professional mold testing in San Francisco. These experts have more expertise, better equipment, and know how to test for and remove mold without disturbing the colony and causing it to spread. It is best if they test on several occasions at different times of the day, as this can give them a better idea of the extent of the problem. There are three types of test they will generally use. In an air test, experts will take a sample of air from the home and examine it under the microscope, revealing the concentration of spores floating in the air. However, the results of this test vary widely from day to day and hour to hour. Surface mold testing in San Francisco takes samples from various objects in the home using swabbing or tape. The third test is bulk testing. In this test, experts actually take pieces of material from the home and examine it under a microscope in a lab. This test can tell you where you have the greatest concentration of mold.

Once experts have determined that you do have a mold problem, they will then conduct culture tests in the lab. This will tell you what type of mold is growing in your home and reveal to the experts the best way to remove this problem.

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