How Modern Technology Treats Golfer’s Elbow

In Las Vegas, NV, there is a multitude of clinics who offer golfer’s elbow treatment. It can be challenging to figure out which treatment would work best for you and your lifestyle. Recent technology has brought about the use of stem cells to help treat ailments such as golfer’s elbow. Below are a few reasons why this treatment might work best for you.

Quick Procedure. When treating golfer’s elbow with stem cells, the procedure can take as little as three hours to complete, and the entire procedure is done as an outpatient. A local anesthetic is used to harvest the cells, so the recovery time is short. Additionally, SVF is injected directly into the affected area, also with local anesthesia, so there is much less discomfort.

SVF. The first part of the procedure is obtaining fat from the patient’s own body. This fat contains SVF, or stromal vascular fraction, which holds the mesenchymal stem cells that will be injected into the front of the elbow. Obtaining SVF only takes about 20 minutes and uses local anesthesia. Additionally, the collection of AVF takes place at the same time as the rest of the procedure, and wastes less time.

Regeneration. Stem cells harvested from the patient’s own body are injected into the agitated area; in this case, it is the inside of the elbow. Direct injection can increase the likelihood of improvement. The live stem cells injected bond to the degenerated tissue to then regenerate the damage that has been done. Results can occur soon after the procedure or a few months afterward.

If you are looking for golfer’s elbow treatment in Las Vegas, NV, consider booking a consultation with the Regenerative Medicine Institute of Nevada. This treatment could help regenerate the damaged tissue in your elbow, and reduce the pain you experience daily.

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