How Dog Grooming In Crofton Helps Keep Pets Healthy And Happy

Cleanliness is a very important part of any animal’s health and well-being, and of course, a clean pet makes a better companion than a dirty and smelly one. The following are some top tips from veterinarians on dog grooming in Crofton.

Don’t Bathe A Dog Too Often

Fortunately, dogs don’t need a bath as frequently as humans do. Most dogs can go anywhere from several weeks to several months between baths, and in fact, more frequent bathing can dry out their skin and coat. If a dog isn’t visibly dirty and doesn’t have a strong smell, it’s okay to postpone bathing.

Brush Before Bathing

Before bathing a dog, it’s important to brush the animal’s fur to remove dirt and debris and to untangle matted clumps of hair. If mats can’t be untangled, they should be trimmed.

Use A Pet Shampoo

Some people use human shampoo on their dogs, but it’s better to choose shampoo that is formulated for pets. Animal fur is not the same texture as human hair, and it has different needs. A good shampoo should also be gentle on the skin, and if the dog is prone to skin irritation, consider shampoo that contains oatmeal.

Clean The Teeth

Veterinarians advise brushing a dog’s teeth regularly. It’s best to start this habit when the dog is a puppy and can grow accustomed to it. Older dogs may have a harder time accepting a toothbrush. There are also glove-like cleaning devices that allow pet owners to clean their dog’s by rubbing with their fingers. Hard chew toys can also help remove plaque.

Care For Nails And Paws

Dogs’ nails grow just like humans’, and they need to be trimmed regularly. When dogs walk a lot on pavement, the concrete or asphalt acts as a natural nail file, but a dog who stays indoors most of the time may need a pedicure every one or two weeks. When trimming a dog’s nails, it’s important to check the condition of the paw pads and make sure there are no injuries.

Grooming makes a big difference in a dog’s health and appearance, but it isn’t easy to do. Dog owners who are looking for professional dog grooming in Crofton can visit Gambrills Veterinary Center to learn about their services.

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