How Does the Dentist in Katy Perform a Root Canal?

There are different reasons your dentist may say you need a root canal. Root canals are often needed when the health of your tooth is at risk, because of decay or infection. A root canal can help to prevent tooth death and the need for a tooth extraction. If your dentist has said you need a root canal, this information can help you to be prepared for what to expect during the procedure, so you can feel comfortable.

How Is a Root Canal Performed on Your Tooth?

To perform your root canal, the Dentist In Katy will need to make sure you are completely numb. To numb your tooth, the dentist will administer Novocaine, through several injections. This helps to ensure you are completely comfortable during the procedure.

Once you are numb, the dentist will make an opening on the top of your tooth. This opening is crucial, because it allows the dentist to have access to the inner areas of your tooth. During a root canal, the primary goal is to remove all of the diseased tissue inside the tooth. This also means removing the nerve. Since the nerve is no longer needed for proper tooth function, removing it will only help to stop the pain and will not impede your ability to chew or bite.

Using special dental tools, called canal files, the dentist will scrape down the inside of your roots. This ensures all traces of decay, infection and tissue are removed. If any of these are left behind, the tooth could continue to suffer from damage and may eventually die. Click here for more details.

Once the tooth has been completely cleaned out, it will be sealed with a filling. This ensures no food particles or drink can enter the tooth and cause decay. If the structure of your tooth is unstable after a Root Canal Gaithersburg, the Dentist In Katy may make the decision to cap your tooth with a crown, to offer further protection.