If all our floors were just places where we walk, choosing flooring would be pretty simple – – we could just leave the bare concrete/plywood or other sub-flooring and everyone would be relatively happy. However, floors are much more than that and, as a result, choosing Flooring Installation in Phoenix is much more of a conundrum than one might first think.

“The key,” Chris Brown, second-generation owner of BRANDI CARPET, a major Carpet Company in Phoenix, Arizona, shared somewhat philosophically, “when contemplating what type of flooring you want in your Phoenix home, is to first consider all of the issues you want your flooring to address.” The type of flooring you choose to install can change the entire look, feel, workload while cleaning and more in each and every room.

Though one might not think so at first thought, this can run a wide gamut, including but not limited to:

  • Making your home quiet
  • Making your home allergen free
  • Making your home “green”
  • Making your home “child friendly”
  • Making your home “décor consistent”

Examining each of these factors separately will help you answer the question, HOW DO YOU CHOOSE PROPER FLOORING IN PHOENIX? as quickly as anything.


It is pretty safe to assume that any Carpet Store in Phoenix will tell you that nothing will keep your home as quiet as thick, plush carpeting. However, any good Flooring Company will point out to you that that is not your only alternative!

“When we work with our clients,” Brown offered, “we share the fact that tile, hardwood and laminate can be ‘muffled,’ if you would, by ‘supplementing’ your flooring with area rugs. A Custom Cut Carpet Rug,” he went on, “will help achieve a silencing effect and will add an elegant touch to a tiled or hardwood floor.”


One would think that just as carpets would be best for “quiet,” they would also be the unhealthiest for allergens. This is not true. Studies show that carpet may actually help prevent the “flow” of allergens in a room more so than tile or wood. This is because in a carpeted room, the slightest breeze will not make them airborne. Consult your family physician if this is a major concern.

“Though Phoenix leads the nation in ragweed allergies,” Brown said, “Carpet Installation in Phoenix is not necessarily a part of the problem…” “Compared to hardwood floors”.


One of the major issues here is purchasing materials with a minimum of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) in them. What you may want to do is contact a Phoenix Carpeting Service that is well versed in Eco-Friendly Carpet, who can help you with the major steps of going Eco-Friendly, including but not limited to:

  • Ensuring that the Carpet has been tested by the Carpet and Rug Institute (CRI) Indoor Air Quality testing program.
  • Ensuring that you have felt pads instead of pads using styrene butadiene rubber.
  • Ensuring that any glue you use is a low-emitting, non-solvent adhesive.
  • Ensuring that you recycle your old carpet!


In most homes with children, comfort, beauty, and “clean-ability” all have equal weight when flooring is being considered. As a result, you may want to contact a Phoenix Flooring and Tile Companythat can give you some of the options that will help you with your quest. These options include, but are not limited to:

  • Laminate
  • Wood
  • Linoleum

While Vinyl Flooring might seem like a good choice, when redoing your floors, you may want to consider the Center for Health, Environment & Justice’s recommendation against using vinyl because of the risk due to the material’s phthalate and lead content.


This is one of the most common factors people ask when contacting a Flooring Installation Company. Accomplishing this isn’t hard if you have options and a professional to help you choose the color, texture, durability and more – all of which definitely have an impact on the appearance of a home and, as can be expected, is an important element of “décor consistency” in a home.

On your journey to answer the question, “HOW DO YOU CHOOSE PROPER FLOORING FOR YOUR PHEONIX HOME?” you may want to consider reaching out beyond those who sell Discount Tile in Phoenix and seek advice from industry and geographical experts in Phoenix Carpet and Tile.It is important to remember that while we all live within the confines of a budget, cost should never be the determining factor when choosing flooring. Rather, find a Flooring and Tile Company that can, and will, help you meet all of your needs while working with you to stay within your budget.

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