How Do Temp Agency Contracts Work?

If you are applying for a job through a temp agency, you might be wondering if there are any restrictions placed on you when you get a job out in the work force. Working through a temp agency can be extremely advantageous, giving you a considerable amount of opportunities over those who try to find a job without temp staffing representation. However, you should make sure that you have a full understanding of how temp agency contracts work before you get started.

Types of Temp Agency Contracts
You can expect to have to sign a contract with your temp agency when you begin your relationship with them. A contract with the temp agency states that since you are affiliated with the temp agency first, you might have certain limitations or restrictions on what you can do at the companies that hire you.

Typical temp services in Jacksonville FL have contracts that operate as such:

  • Once you are sent out for an open job position, you are not allowed to go for any other type of job position or opening without going through the temp agency first. This includes promotional offers and positions from the company you are currently working for.
  • If your company wants to hire you outright, they will contact the temp agency and likely pay a fee to annul everything that was in the contract.
  • Being sent out for an open position is contingent upon the signing and finalization of the temp contract.

Pay Rate Under Temp Contracts
Temp services in Jacksonville offer different pay structures to temp workers who are under a contract with the staffing agency. For example, you will get paid through the temp agency itself, rather than through the company you are directly working for. This means that the company you are working for often pays a higher price for you to give you the pay wage you are contracted for.

Advantages of Temp Contracts
Many companies like to work with temp agencies because they get employment tax withholding benefits. Plus, the companies themselves won’t have to pay for the employee’s health insurance or unemployment claims. The employee working with a temp agency will find advantages with their temp contract as well, as it allows them to be sought after by many different companies on the market.

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