How Criminal Lawyers Brainerd Residents Trust Can Represent Your Loved One In a Drug Case

Getting the news that a loved one has been arrested on a drug-related charge can evoke a range of emotions. The most important thing your friend of family member needs is legal representation. If they are unemployed or have little income, they may qualify for a public defender. However, if you or your loved one can afford to pay a Criminal Lawyer Brainerd defendants trust, you will get the benefit of a dedicated team representing them throughout the case.

At the initial meeting, your loved one will tell his or her lawyer everything that happened. The lawyer will have access to the police report and the arrest record and will compare the information obtained at this meeting with the official reports and begin to build a defense against the charges. When a person is charged with possession, trafficking or distribution of drugs, the penalties are severe. It is important to use Criminal Lawyers Brainerd courts respect because, if convicted, your loved one could be sentenced to several years in prison and have difficulty finding employment or housing after they are released.

The Criminal Lawyers Brainerd defendants need when they are facing drug charges are fierce advocates for their clients. Your loved one’s lawyer will ensure that their rights are protected throughout the legal process, starting with their arrest and continuing through the verdict. In cases where the attorney is not able to convince the judge to dismiss the charges, a plea agreement may be reached with the prosecuting attorney.

The lawyer will encourage your loved one’s involvement in their legal case. They may provide names of witnesses who can testify at trial to dispute the state’s evidence or give other information that can help the attorney present evidence that may raise doubt in the minds of the jury members.

When selecting Criminal Lawyers Brainerd residents should look for an attorney with experience in the area of law that their loved one in charged. The knowledge and experience lawyers get from working on the same kind of cases for many years can benefit your loved one and possibly get them home to you a lot faster.

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