How Can Gastric Sleeve Surgery Help Me Lose Weight?

Have you tried diet and exercise over and over to lose weight, only to find you either couldn’t lose the weight at all or you had difficulty keeping it off? In either case, if you qualify, you may be eligible for gastric sleeve surgery in El Paso. This type of surgery has been found to make it easier for some individuals to lose weight for a healthier lifestyle, as well as keep it off so they continue to be healthy. The following will help you identify how this weight loss surgery can help you reach your target weight.

What Is a Gastric Sleeve?

Gastric sleeve surgery in El Paso is a minimally invasive surgery that removes approximately 80 percent of the patient’s stomach, leaving much less room for food. Several incisions are made in the abdomen and laparoscopic tools are then used to remove parts of the stomach, forming a smaller, sleeve-shaped stomach pouch. While the average stomach can hold up to two quarts of food, the remaining size after this surgery accommodates only about two ounces at a time.

How Does It Work?

When you undergo gastric sleeve surgery in El Paso, you will find it helps you lose weight through one of two ways. First and foremost, because the size of the stomach is so much smaller, you will only be able to consume a limited amount of food at a time, feeling fuller much faster, which keeps you from overeating. In addition, your appetite will naturally diminish, causing you to feel less hungry in general. When portions of the stomach are removed, hormonal changes take place, including leptin and ghrelin, which are responsible for appetite and energy balance and are often linked to obesity.

If you’ve been thinking about gastric sleeve surgery in El Paso, visit the Memorial Weight Loss Center to find out if it’s right for you.

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