How Can CBD Oil Help Improve Your Physical Health in Mobile, AL?

If you have never visited a CBD store in Mobile, AL, you may think CBD oil and marijuana are the same things. While the oil is derived from the same family of plants, it doesn’t contain the chemicals that produce the euphoric feeling that’s produced by smoking marijuana leaves. Instead, the oil is made by compressing the plant and refining the oil. The result is a product that provides a vast range of health benefits, including those listed below.

Eliminate or Reduce Chronic Pain

When you consume CBD oil, the compounds in the oil will bind with receptors in the nervous system to affect the pain signals that it carries to the brain. This helps reduce inflammation in affected areas of the body, so the pain will be reduced. Depending on the severity of the pain, symptoms can be completely eliminated for short periods of time.

Alleviate Breakouts of Acne

The effect that CBD oil has on inflammation has also been found to aid in alleviating acne breakouts when it’s applied to the skin in a topical cream or ointment. The compounds in the oil help to prevent the sebaceous gland cells from overproducing sebum. When there’s too much sebum in the pores of the skin, it acts to clog those pores and results in the formation of pimples. CBD oil stops this process.

Aid Cardiovascular Health

In recent studies, researchers found that men who were given a 600 mg dose of CBD oil had lower resting blood pressure rates than those who did not receive a dose. Additionally, those men exhibited to smaller blood pressure increase during stressful activities. Since lower blood pressure helps in heart functioning, the researchers concluded that oil sold by a CBD store in Mobile, AL, may aid in heart health.

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