How Anger can Tear Families Apart

Anger is a very poisonous and dangerous emotion. When allowed to flourish anger can cause terrible problems for families. It can be the anger of a single person or anger due to an unhappy marriage. Seeking Family Counseling Oklahoma City OK requires can help keep families from being torn apart due to anger.

Teen Angst

It is not uncommon for a child to enter their teen years and suddenly demonstrate anger issues. This can put great stress on families, especially when there are younger siblings involved. Anger can result in bullying of younger children and can even lead to abusive behavior to one or both parents. When this behavior is not addressed your teen may continue a reign of terror and sometimes you might not even be aware they are being abusive to your other children. The family counseling Oklahoma City OK parents seek can help you address your teen’s anxiety and anger and help them to learn to cope with the emotions with which they are struggling. It will also help them to see how their behavior is affecting those they love and provide the family with the communication skills to handle outbursts when they occur.


Conflict is by far one of the most difficult aspects of divorce. Your children will be caught up in the middle of your disagreements even after the divorce. As difficult as it might seem it is imperative parents continue to provide the same care and love to their children despite their differences. One of the best ways to do this is to commit to attending family counseling as this will allow you to get an objective insight into what is best for the child. Your anger may blind you to your own bad judgement and a counselor will help you get beyond anger so you are better able to make the right decisions.


Sometimes parents do not see their children following the path they hoped they would take and this can be disappointing. Parents do not realize that this can often reflect in how they deal with their child each day. Disappointment due to performance issues at school, sports participation or not choosing the career you hope they would can lead to resentment and anger. The Family counseling Oklahoma City Ok parents seek can help them see the affect they are having on their children and allow them to continue to provide support for the path they have chosen.

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