How an Accident Lawyer in College Park Convinces Insurers to Pay Unemployed Persons for Lost Wages

Injury settlements typically pay for medical expenses connected with the accident, along with payment for lost wages while the person cannot work. Insurance companies commonly do not dispute these amounts if the case is relatively straightforward. An Accident Lawyer in College Park may be needed if the injured person was unemployed at the time of the incident. The insurer is likely to dispute being responsible for lost wages in that case.

The insurance company may have found a valid loophole, but an Accident Lawyer in College Park often can convince the claims adjusters as to why payment for this aspect is reasonable.

Short-Term Unemployment Situations

First, a high percentage of unemployment situations are temporary. The individual has either quit a job, has been laid off or has lost a job for another reason. This person is actively seeking work. He or she may not have even filed for unemployment compensation because of the full expectation of being hired soon, especially in a strong job market. Unfortunately, this expectation is lost when the injury prevents a return to work for several weeks or months. And if unemployment compensation was being received, that will be cut off because the man or woman is unable to work full-time.

Temporary and Consulting Jobs

A second example focuses on someone who always works temporary jobs or in consulting positions. This individual appreciates the freedom and routine change these positions provide. There tends to be at least a small amount of down time between jobs. If the accident occurs at this point, the person may be considered unemployed, and the insurer may decide that it is not liable for payment for lost wages. An attorney with an organization such as Jaklitsch Law Group provides evidence that the client has been employed full-time for many years, even though there were short breaks between assignments.

A Reasonable Expectation of a New Job

If the client had been actively interviewing and was being strongly considered for an open position, this is another point of evidence the attorney can present. A job offer might even have been extended, but now the person cannot accept the offer because the time needed for full recovery is uncertain.

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