How a Protein Feeder Keeps Deer Strong and Healthy

All deer kept in captivity need to be fed properly and kept healthy, even if they are being bred for hunting. But with many different feeder options available and the specific needs of keeping deer in Dallas, it can be a difficult decision to make. A protein deer feeder is a popular option amongst many game keepers. Here are just a few reasons why:

1. Improve Body Mass

Just as body builders often take protein supplements to build up strong muscle mass, deer must do the same by consuming enough protein. If their natural diet doesn’t provide enough protein, a specially built protein deer feeder from a specialist retailer in Dallas can make up this difference, keeping deer and other large animals strong and growing to a large size.

2. Supplementary Feeding

Natural surroundings don’t always provide enough of this necessary protein, especially during the winter months when it is harder for deer to find food. The Texas Parks and Wildlife Department says that supplementary feeding is the most common and effective way to keep up a deer’s protein intake during these times, meaning that they can be kept strong for hunting, or for any other purpose, all year round.

3. Regulated Feeding

As important as regular feeding is, it takes up a large part of the game keeper’s day. You can make it somewhat easier by purchasing a feeder regulated with an electric motor. This means you can fill up the feeder once and then leave it for several feeding sessions. This also means that deer will be disturbed less, become less accustomed to human interaction, and will be less stressed.

While there are many types of feeder available and each has their own purpose, a protein feeder is a wise choice for any game keeper who wants to keep their animals healthy throughout the year through no additional cost or effort.

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