How a Faux Finish in NYC, NY can Make Your Building’s Decor Stand Out

by | Oct 24, 2013 | Home Improvement

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When you are decorating your home or business, you want to create a unique, elegant appearance. One of the best and most beautiful ways to do this is to include a Faux finish in NYC, NY buildings. This classic technique has been used for centuries, to create artistic, one-of-a-kind rooms. Today, professionals, such as those at Decorfin Decorative Wall Finishes, can bring this classic look to you. Their services include:

     *     DESIGN HELP: When you want to view an example of a Faux finish in NYC, NY, you can visit Decorfin’s showroom. There you will find displays that allow you to see a wide variety of colors, textures, and materials. Professional designers will listen to your decorating ideas and needs, and help you make choices that suit your taste and budget.

     *     PRODUCTS: Faux finishes are available in a variety of breathtaking materials, and each one can be tailored to suit your color palette and decor. Finishes include a Venus Marble Effect, which provides a smooth, glossy, marble-like look. When you want a three-dimensional affect, you can choose an Antico Antique Finish. Using several layers for texture, Antico can also be glazed, to enhance the illusion of depth. For a romantic appearance, professionals can apply Notti Veneziane Antique Velvet Finish. It uses metallic pigments that contrast and change with light. It provides a look that is both velvety and leather-like. A Toscana Finish creates the look of authentic Italian artistry. The beautiful finish can be customized in a range of colors and textures, to provide a touch of Tuscany to any room.

     *     SERVICES: The specialists who apply Venetian plaster finishes use the same methods artisans have worked with for centuries. They will prepare surfaces, apply several layers of plaster, add a final coat, and then apply a topcoat. Professionals also add decorative plaster, to create drama and a unique look for your walls. They can also provide professionally applied faux finish painting. Experts will repair existing plaster, and provide fixes for unfinished surfaces.

Custom decorative faux finishes add beauty and elegance to any room. The New York professionals who specialize in classic faux finishes can offer design help, a range of beautiful products, and many expert services.

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