Home Remedies To Eradicate Bed Bugs in Minneapolis

by | Aug 20, 2013 | Pest Control

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Bed Bugs in Minneapolis are an awful pain! You have trouble seeing them, yet you know they are there as you have the stinging bite marks to tell you so. If you don’t get Bed Bugs under control in a timely fashion, you will end up with scarred skin and be completely miserable and uncomfortable in your own home. Keep your chin up though! Help is here. There are some quite simple home remedies you can use to eradicate Bed Bugs in Minneapolis. Below are some helpful tips to assist you in eradicating these horrid little night time beasts.

Launder Linen and Clothing: Using hot water, launder all of your bed linen including your blankets, bed sheets, dust ruffles, pillow shams, everything. This will help in killing all the Bed Bugs and keeping their eggs from hatching. This should be your number one move when you feel that first chomp.

Steam Treat: Steam treat will assist in killing the bugs and their eggs. The steam is at such a high temperature that it will kill the eggs and not allow them to hatch. Keep in mind; many people believe that over-the-counter home remedies work better than this one, so keep this one as a last resort.

Natural Pesticide: This is a non-toxic way to try to destroy the little creatures without causing harm to you and your family. It is also biodegradable. They are made to exterminate Bed Bugs. Make sure to read labels and pick one that is okay for your family to be around. Make sure it is natural and non-toxic.

Dry Heat: Applying dry heat to everything that you cannot place within the washer is a great home remedy to assist in getting rid of Bed Bugs. Drying items in the sun can also chase the Bed Bugs away. It also causes the young to die and the eggs to rot.

Vacuum Thoroughly: Anything than cannot be placed in the washer should be vacuumed thoroughly to assist in killing the Bed Bugs and rotting their eggs. This can also be used as a preventative to keep Bed Bugs from coming into your home in the first place.

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