Home Automation Remodeling Basics for Consumers

Lights automatically going off the minute you step out the door. Your AC system turning on an hour before you get home so you could come home to something cool and comfortable after a long summer day. Your alarm system turning on as soon as you’re out. Home automation makes all these possible.

What you can expect

If you want to be able to control everything in your home—from your shades to the fireplace, feeders and more—this technology makes that easy enough to achieve, says PC Mag. Depending on what capabilities you want to go for, you can expect this home renovation project to set you back anywhere from a few dollars to a lot. For instance, setting a lamp to turn on and off with voice or via remote is easy and inexpensive. But if you want to integrate surveillance cameras into the system, you might have to shell out more in terms of time as well as cash.

What you need to know

You’ll need to understand the kind of technologies that go into making the ideal automation system for your home. That way, you’ll have a better idea which solutions fit your needs the most. Some are wired while others are wireless. Some can be a combination of both. You might want to opt for one protocol first when you start buying those products. On the other hand, if that isn’t possible, make sure to pick a hub or gateway that has multiple protocols instead.

What else

Product categories are also important to now so you can control your temperature, locks, lights and even security. So pay attention to those controllers, surveillance cams, temp units, locks along with sprinkler controllers for your outdoors.

So if you’re thinking of renovating your home, consider getting your home smart with these tips.

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