Hiring Personal Injury Attorneys In Edmonds, Washington

There are certain rules to follow if there is an automobile accident. Anyone involved should not leave the scene of the accident. However, someone should call 9-1-1 and offer assistance to the injured. The drivers should not discuss the accident with anyone. Rather, keep busy by collecting information. Get the names and phone numbers of the witnesses as well as the officers that answer the call. All insurance claims should be filed as soon as possible.

It makes sense to hire Personal Injury Attorneys in Edmonds WA to help protect your rights. The attorney tries to prevent the personal injury claim from turning into a lawsuit. Rather, the goal is to negotiate a settlement with the liable party’s insurance company. A settlement is considered fair and adequate compensation for bodily injury, lost wages and the experience of the accident. If you want to learn more, visit the website of Attorney Paul W. Bryan. Click on the page that says look at more info here. Most attorneys try and avoid litigation because it is time consuming and stressful. In addition, the law firm advances litigation expenses and the client has to reimburse them out of any settlement. The first thing attorneys do is investigate and try to prove the defendant was responsible for the accident. This involves interviewing witnesses, studying the police report, photographing the accident scene and more. Further, attorneys have to quantify their clients damages by gathering all medical records, bills and lost wage information.

The Personal Injury Attorneys in Edmonds WA prepare a thorough settlement package to send the insurance company. The negotiation period usually involves a back and forth dialogue between the insurance adjuster and the attorney. The client will be notified about all settlement offers and it is the client’s decision whether to settle. If the case is settled, the client has to sign a release giving up all claims arising out of the accident. The settlement check will be issued after the insurance company receives the release. A lawsuit is filed in the event the case cannot be settled. Hopefully, there is a settlement because it may take as long as two years before the case is heard in court.

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