Hiring Moving Services For Valuable Items In Nashville

Nashville is a beautiful city with some amazing neighborhoods with custom homes and mansions filled with beautiful art, collectable items and even amazing custom-made furniture. Choosing moving services for these types of properties requires some additional considerations over moving a typical three or four bedroom family home.

While everyone’s possessions are valuable to them, and moving services strive to handle every item they move with utmost care and attention, large estate types of moves require movers with experience in handling art, antiques and collectables that may be above what typical movers are trained to work with.

Moving Art

With very valuable art collections, it is highly recommended to hire professionals to crate any items, including paintings, to prevent damage during transportation. While a moving company will offer art boxes, if the item is very valuable or irreplaceable, hiring an art company to come in and actually custom build the packing box and crate is the best option.

For figurines, collections of breakable items or even sculptures, custom crating and packing is always recommended. This slight addition to the cost of the move will be well worth it for your peace of mind.

If you require custom crating, ask your moving services for referrals to professional who specialize in this work. Top movers will be able to direct you to services in the city.


Antiques, like art, are often not possible to replace. All top moving services will recommend packing or crating of antiques, or at the very least additional padding and protection when being moved.

During the in-home survey talk to the representative from the different moving services you contact. Consider how they recommend moving the item and compare the information from different companies to choose the right one for the job.

Insurance vs. Valuation

While valuation may be fine for typical household possessions, insurance will be highly recommended by top moving services for valuable items. Valuation is a flat rate paid by movers for any damage, and it is based on a flat rate per pound. For most movers, it will be around sixty cents per pound, regardless of the value of the item.

Insurance, on the other hand, is not offered by the moving services but rather by an insurance company. Your current insurance company is often a good starting point, and will allow you to work with your current Nashville agent to get a quote and to fully understand your options.

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