Hiring Landscape Contractors In Old Saybrook, CT

With warm weather on the way, many people come to the conclusion that weekends are too short to spend their time cutting grass and maintaining their yard. Hiring Landscape Contractors Old Saybrook CT will allow them to enjoy their time off relaxing in their well maintained yard without lifting a finger. When hiring a lawn maintenance crew, there are a few matters you should agree upon to ensure you’re both on the same page when it comes to the responsibilities to make your yard a place of beauty.

Most landscape companies, such as Sullivan Lawn Services, will charge a monthly sum for your lawn care. In the spring, as the grass is just beginning to grow, it may only need to be cut every 10 days or two weeks. During the height of summer, when the rain, sunshine and humidity make the grass grow before your eyes, your yard may need to be cut weekly just to keep up. Most monthly charges cover both ends of the spectrum and the landscape price is the same each month. If you only plan to use the service for a couple of hot, summer months when the grass grows like crazy, offer to pay a per cut charge instead to make it more equitable for both.

When discussing the services that will be included with your monthly plan, make sure small details are covered. Don’t ever assume. It’s important to communicate your desires as most Landscape Contractors Old Saybrook CT aim to please, as long as they know what you want. Usually service includes mowing, as needed, edging of yard, walkways, patios and planter beds, weed eating around trees and stationary objects and blowing off debris when finished. Additional extra services, such as planter or flowerbed weeding, tree and bush trimming or fertilization and pest control can usually be arranged for an additional fee.

There is no doubt that hiring a landscape company to take care of your yard will make your life much easier. You’ll be able to relax on your days off work and enjoy your yard instead of sweating and doing the backbreaking work to take care of it. View website for complete details.

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