Hiring Fires And Explosions Injury Attorney In Lafayette, IN To Link The Cause To Your Injuries

You need fires and explosions injury attorney in Lafayette, IN when you are severely injured due to these detrimental occurrences. This occurrences often lead to severe scarring, loss of limbs, and in some cases death. These events occur due to failure to follow safety standards in the workplace in which explosives are utilized to perform services such as demolition and clear off large boulders. If you were injured due to these failures contact Ball and Eggleston today and schedule an appointment.

Linking the Cause

In accidents related to explosives that lead to fire and injuries it is necessary to link the cause of the accident to the injuries sustained. Typically, these accidents occur due to failures by those utilizing them such as not following the required safety standards. In some cases, it is faulty explosives that lead to the injuries which fail to detonate at the appropriate time. When these accidents occur, your attorney must link the flaw in the design to the accident.

Severe Injury Attorney

The Law Offices of Ball and Eggleston provide you with prompt legal services that help you recover monetary damages after personal injuries. These attorneys focus on more severe injury cases that occur due to safety failures associated with the use of explosives on the job and during live events. They will assist you in receiving compensation for these severe injuries by filing a strong injury claim in court.


It is the mission of a fires and explosions injury attorney in Lafayette, IN to recover monetary damages for anyone who sustained detrimental injuries related to fire and the use of explosives. Injuries related to the use of explosives are often severe and life-altering. For those who survive this leads to deforming scars, the loss of limbs, or severe brain injuries that turn the injured into an entirely different person. If you or someone that you love was the victim of an accident related to explosives in the workplace and other location, contact Ball and Eggleston immediately.