Hiring a Civil Litigation Lawyer in Chicago

If you are in a legal conundrum and don’t feel sure whether you need to get legal help or not, it is time to learn more about what a civil litigation lawyer in Chicago is and how they may be able to help you with your case. The main role of a civil litigation lawyer is in dealing with disputes. The disputes are not the criminal ones the state would bring against individuals such as Driving Under the Influence (DUI) charges; rather, they are the type of disputes that arise between two individuals.

The types of disputes that could result in a civil lawsuit can vary widely. Some of the most common disputes involve auto accident cases. It is quite common for a car or truck accident case to result in a dispute over exactly who was at fault. This becomes further complicated when each party admits they may have had some amount of liability, but the bulk of the liability still needs to be properly determined in order to award fair damages. The main role of the civil litigation lawyer in Chicago in cases such as these is to prove their client’s case and get the client the compensation that is needed. Usually, an auto accident case will encompass not only damages to the vehicle, but also physical damages to the victims. The civil litigation lawyer will negotiate with the other side in an attempt to settle out of court, but if court is necessary, the attorney will get the money due to the client in that way.

Other disputes that may be commonly handled by a civil litigation attorney include other personal injury disputes (for example dog bites or slip and falls on private property), property disputes, and disputes between a landlord and his tenant. It is also common for worker’s compensation injuries to be part of a civil litigation attorney’s caseload. If a worker is injured while they are at work, the worker’s compensation insurance will handle the case; however, an individual might have a problem recovering the full amount they are due. This is where the civil litigation attorney will come in to assist in recovering fair damages. Visit Zimmerman Law Offices, P.C. online for more information.

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