Hire the Right Art Mover for Safe Moving Services

Use fine art movers so your art is moved safely. Moving art is not as simple as packing a box, even if you are really good at protecting said art with plastic or other protective materials. Are you sure that the materials you are using are safe? Do you know what defines a safe move for fine art? The professionals understand the entire process and will make sure that your sculptures, paintings, valuables and antiques are prepared for shipment and moved with the greatest of care. No matter where you need your art moved, use the services provided by an expert artwork mover like Art Pack.

Leave the Hard Work to the Specialists

Art movers have specialists on staff that have the necessary skills needed for shipping and preparing fine art for a move. They appreciate and respect all types of art. The professionals will recommend the best methods for moving fine art which can include the use of custom wooden crates that have been built to perfectly fit your art. This will offset any damage that could occur during transport because solid wood is the best at absorbing vibrations and protecting art.

The Job of Fine Art Movers

The process of preparing art for moving is in-depth. It includes aspects such as carefully measuring every art piece determining the width, height and depth. Those measurements regulate how big a wooden crate must be. Precautions will be taken for all art pieces that are to be shipped including securely wrapping and cushioning them for maximum protection. The entire moving process is fully covered including making sure that your artwork has all of the necessary documentation to get through customs. You are guaranteed that your artwork will be delivered on time and in great condition.

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