High Viscosity Mixing Solutions for a Wide Range of Industries

High viscosity systems utilize various blade configurations, such as double and triple shaft designs for high and medium viscosity substances, to consistently ensure movement of all product involved and a homogeneous mix throughout with no dead spots.

Mixing System Types

Various designs and configurations are specialized for different purposes. The following is a collection of high viscosity mixing systems for multiple applications:

  • Batchstar – An advanced FSRD model with self-raising disc to replace expensive hydraulic lift systems when mixing coatings and paints.
  • Batchranger – A rotor-stator disperser based on the Fillworth fluid wedge sheer principle. A high-pressure impeller and shear stator/grid reduce milling passes by as much as 75 percent.
  • Batchmaster – Uses the fluid wedge principle to quickly reduce chipped or granular materials into a solution, reducing time and improving quality.
  • Batchchanger – A single machine that processes more than one batch vessel, offering batch flexibility.
  • Fillmastic – Processes a vast range of materials with a high viscosity of up to 2 million centipoises for mastics.
  • Food and Pharmacy – Uses fluid wedge mixing for chipped or granular products, processing liquids, solids, gas or any phase-mixing combination.
  • Lab Equipment – The complete line of Fillworth products, including sizes for lab-scale production, pilot plants and production units.
  • Powder and Pigment – Processes an extensive range of granular product, including light particle aerosols, cementitious products and heavy pigments.
  • FSRD – A radical improvement on the process of metering and wetting powders into liquids and completing dispersion without relying on external hydraulics to drive vertical disc movement.

Rely on More Than a Century of Innovation

Beginning in 1891 as a boiler repair shop, a design and construction company for environmentally friendly machines produces mills and high viscosity mixing systems for leading businesses in paint, ink, electronics, ago chemical and mineral processing. In-house fabrication of custom-designed steel tanks also works in tandem with engineering capabilities to enhance system continuity and greatly advance a business’s competitive edge. Contact CB Mills at 1-800-522-7343 today.

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