High Security Safes: NY Home and Business Protection

Purchasing a safe gives home and business owners peace of mind. However, not all safes are made the same. When shopping around for safes, you might find that most are nothing more than metal boxes. When it comes to high security safes, NY security professionals understand the varying degrees of protection that a safe can provide for your possessions. While no safes are foolproof, a quality safe can help guard against burglary and fires, while keeping your jewelry, important documents and other valuables safe from harm.

Better Protection for Your Items
Consider what exactly you’ll be using your safe for when comparing various makes and models. Different types of safes are designed to protect certain possessions. For example, don’t rely on a fireproof safe to keep your valuables safe from thieves. While fireproof safes do a fantastic job at protecting paper documents from smoke and heat damage, they are often relatively thin in construction and may not stop a burglar.

Size and Interior Selection
Safes can be found in a variety of sizes, interiors and types of metal. Small items, such as important documents, coins, jewelry, cash and collectible heirlooms may fit nicely into a small-to-medium sized safe, while a larger safe may be needed for firearms, ammunition, stamp collections and antiques. Select a safe that has an interior that will meet your needs. For better organization, safes can be found with filing drawers, multiple compartments, shelving and custom racks for guns or valuable equipment.

Finding Features to Fit Your Needs
When shopping around for high security safes, NY security professionals know the importance of quality, design and features. While large, heavy floor safes may discourage burglars from stealing your valuables; these oversized safes can take up a great amount of space and can be difficult to relocate. Wall safes have the benefit of being easily hidden, but are often more fire prone. Look for a safe that has the features that meet your needs and that can be easily used in your space.

Locking Codes for Easy Access
Safes can be found with a number of different locking mechanisms to keep out intruders. Safes that feature dial combinations generally come with a set code that can be reset with the assistance of a locksmith. Electronic push-button safes can be customized with a three-to-six digit code that you choose yourself. Many safes feature both a key lock and dial combination for extra security and protection.

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