Helping You to Obtain the Social Security Benefits that You Deserve

If you are disabled or have suffered one or more severe injuries and you cannot work anymore, you might qualify for Social Security Disability. Anybody who has paid into Social Security might be eligible to receive such benefits. Our law firm has more than 50 collective years of experience in helping people obtain Social Security disability benefits.

You’re Likely to Be Denied Benefits

If you’re not articulate in Social Security regulations and procedures, you can expect to become frustrated quickly. When you work with experienced and effective Chicago disability attorneys, you’re far more likely to have your claim approved on schedule. With a denial rate of more than 60% for people who file for disability benefits on their own, you may have given up hope of ever being approved for Social Security disability benefits.

Helping You Through the Process

Our law practice is all about qualifying you for Social Security benefits and helping you to obtain them. We want to complete and file the initial forms and supporting documentation for you. When we do that, we’re certain that there are no errors or omissions. We can help you through each and every step of the process so that you’ll know what to expect. If you are going to need representation in front of an administrative law judge, we’ve done that professionally and successfully countless times. If an appeal is necessary, it will be properly taken and prepared. An attorney who is already familiar with your case will benefit you if an appeal needs to be filed.

Anticipating Problems

Sure, it’s possible to apply for Social Security disability benefits without an attorney, but many factors figure into your claim as a whole. An effective attorney will anticipate where problems might arise, and he or she will be prepared to confront those problems before they might damage your claim.

If you’re contemplating filing for Social Security disability, arrange for a free consultation and case review with a Chicago disability attorney here at the Law Offices of Jeffrey A. Rabin & Associates by calling 847-268-3304. You can even use our easy contact form at We want to see you get the disability benefits that you deserve.

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