Helpful Advice From DUI Attorneys in Morgantown, WV

Every year, hundreds of thousands of drivers operate their vehicles under the influence. Although this may seem fun and exciting to some people, the authorities think much differently about it. Why? Over nine thousand people are killed every year due to alcohol related incidents on the road. The following are a few things DUI Attorneys in Morgantown, WV may advise you to do and not do.

1. Avoiding driving under the influence. This first piece of advice is probably the most obvious. If you don’t want to be arrested for a DUI you should refrain from doing so in the first place. Often times people consume alcohol, assuming they’ll be able to drive, only to find out that they’re in no condition to operate a vehicle. At this time you have three option: Let someone else drive, call a taxi, or get behind the wheel and drive home. The last option should never be chosen. If you’ve had too much to drink, don’t get behind the wheel.

2. Blood alcohol content doesn’t equal tolerance. Often times people assume that because they have a ‘high’ tolerance for alcohol their BAC will reflect this. This isn’t true. Alcohol tolerance fluctuates depending on how often you drink. How you reacted to 5 beers when you were 25 years old probably won’t be the same when you’re 30 or 35. Even if you haven’t had that many drinks your blood alcohol level can still be above .08%. DUI Attorneys in Morgantown, WV have handled several clients who were unaware of this.

3. Do cooperate with the authorities when pulled over. People sometimes become very belligerent and upset when they’re pulled over by the police. Many of them refuse to answer any questions, and refuse to cooperate altogether. The DUI Attorneys in Morgantown, WV can tell you that exemplifying this behavior is one of the quickest ways to find yourself behind bars. Cooperate with the police and be nice and polite. The officers are simply doing their job.

Take the above tips into account so that you won’t get arrested and taken to jail. By cooperating with the police, minimizing your consumption, or simply avoiding driving under the influence altogether, you can keep yourself and other drivers safe. Consult with DUI Attorneys in Morgantown, WV for more info.

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