Have Your Air Conditioner Replaced and Get Cool Again

Temperatures during the summer in Ohio can rise to extremes. Being stuck in the heat without air conditioning can leave you uncomfortable and unable to sleep. If your ac unit is broken beyond repair you will need to replace it. The cost of ac replacement Dayton OH varies by company, brand of the new unit and labor hours required. Fortunately there are companies that offer flexible financing options, percent off coupons and discounts for military personnel and seniors. Only have your new unit installed by a certified HVAC professional. Most repairs on units five years or younger can be traced back to improper installation. When choosing a new ac unit there a few reliable brands that have been tested by time and proven to be reliable.

Different Brands

Lennox is a premier brand that offers excellent quality ac replacement Dayton OH systems. Quiet energy efficient units are standard so that you get the most for your money. Certain models offered are solar ready, which means that you can install solar panels on the unit for the lowest impact not only on your wallet, but also the environment. Carrier is a reliable brand that has provided millions of people with consistent, comfortable temperatures in their home. They also offer state of the art quiet energy efficient models for those looking for affordable air conditioning. For customers with unique needs they even offer custom systems. American standard started in the HVAC industry in the 1880’s so it is safe to say that they have been around a while. They offer only the highest quality systems that are time tested for optimal performance. They are one the most reliable and easy to maintain brands on the market today. They even offer financing options on certain units because they know that you may not have the cash you need to replace your unit in an emergency.


It is important for the contractor to be knowledgeable in multiple types of systems. This way they can make any suggestions that may fit your needs. Don’t forget to ask lots of questions. Ensure that your contractor is an expert in his field, and provides good customer service. In the unlikely event that property damage occurs during the installation it is important that the contractor has insurance to cover the cost. No matter which air conditioning system you decide to buy, make sure that it is only installed by a licensed and insured HVAC professional. This will optimize performance and save you a considerable amount of money in repairs later on down the road. Most problems that occur with an air conditioning system under five years old can be traced back to installation error, and by that time most warranties have expired.

If you are in need of ac replacement services in Dayton OH contact Kelly Heating and Cooling. They are open 24 hours a day 7 days a week and offer discounts for seniors and military as well as coupons and financing options. Contact them today by calling 937-469-3889 or visit them on the web at kellyheatingandairoh.com

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