Have You Been in an Accident? Talk to an Accident Attorney About Filing a Suit for Damages

Being involved in an accident is the beginning of long journey that involves pain, recovery and time lost. You were doing something that long years of experience taught you was safe, except someone else’s poor decision rendered that experience useless. You had the misfortune to be on the receiving end, and are now dealing with the aftermath. Hospital stay, recuperation at home, time lost at work, all of this severely affects your life in a negative manner. You’re also going to be facing a lot of bills because you’re losing time at work. Don’t let yourself lose anymore than you have to. Talk to an Accident Attorney about filing a tort case against the person who caused your injuries.

A personal injury lawsuit falls under a type of law known as tort law. It’s a private lawsuit that is filed against another who has done you harm. You enter into this type of action voluntarily and are requesting that the court find in your favor and create a binding judgment. The goal of the lawsuit is to make the other party cover your bills as well as pain and suffering. Usually the offending individual is insured, so you sue the insurance company as well as the individual. Never try to enter into a lawsuit on your own. Retain an Accident Attorney to advocate for you instead.

There is a lot of work that has to be done in order to go to court. The attorney hires experts to go back over the incident and determine who is at fault. Even though you had little to do with the incident, the court wants to see a breakdown of who bears responsibility. For example, if all you were doing was driving through a green light and someone blew their red light, t-boning your car, you bear no responsibility as you were engaging in a lawful act. Other types of accidents may not be as clear cut, requiring a minute by minute breakdown of the entire collision to figure out what happened.

All of this and more is used by your attorney to press your case against the other party in an attempt to convince the court that you deserve to be compensated for your injuries, pain and suffering. Success comes when the court rules in your favor.