Hack Insurance is Not Enough

In light of recent data exposures, Bloomberg reports on the rising popularity of cyber crime insurance policies – or “hacking insurance.” These policies pick up where regular business insurance policies leave off – on your server. One of the compromises that small companies make to have a web presence is a common one – they use shared hosting or run their servers to contain costs. Unfortunately, these two scenarios have some risks associated with them that make it far more likely that a claim will be filed.

  • DIY server: Unless a company can field a tech team with enough security know-how to keep the data in and the bad guys out, sooner or later there is going to be a breach of epic proportions.

  • Shared host: While your site might be a “good neighbor” there may be flaws in your old HTML and CSS that allow a hacker to gain entry and either ransom your site or insinuate malware that can then spread itself to customers and clients using your site.

One that data is out of the bag, your troubles are just beginning. Data exposure can cause incalculable harm – from identity theft to financial fraud. The insurance might cover costs, but that trust and goodwill may be a long time in returning – if it ever does. Think about Equifax, and its slow roll of how bad the breach actually was. How many people are still going to trust them?

Proactive Solutions

A Microsoft SQL dedicated server is a gold-standard answer without a gold-standard price. Working with Planet Hosting, your data can be protected and secured by professionals with decades of security experience. Your data is precious, and your customers’ trust is your lifeblood – so guard them well with your own Microsoft SQL dedicated server.

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