Guidelines for Inspecting Your Roofing in Gainesville FL

Having a funtional roofing system involves routinely inspecting it for defects. Many roofing industry organizations recommend doing this preventive maintenance twice a year, preferably in the spring and fall. Doing this will help prevent damage to your roofing in Gainesville FL and protect the interior of your home. Use the following guidelines for this task.

The number one priority when performing an inspection is safety. Doing this job haphazardly or without precautions can result in serious injury. Only check out your roof when he weather is dry. Adverse weather conditions such as rain and lightening can pose risks for you. You can check out your Roofing from the ground with a pair of binoculars or climb onto your roof. For climbing, ensure that you have the right equipment such as an elongation rope, a harness, and a carabiner. Use the manufacturer’s instructions when using this equipment. Only use a ladder that meets current safety guidelines and is not rickety. Place the ladder on a flat surface such as a drive-way. Consider using a ladder system if your roof is very steep.

If you have a shingle roof system, look for shingles that are cracked, missing, or buckled. To remember the correct location of a defect, mark the spot so you can return later to fix it. Inspect the flashing to look for rust spots or cracks. The flashing is pieces of weatherproofing material used where two joints meet. Also, look at the gutter system of your Roofing in Gainesville FL. Note any portions that are dettached or rusting. Downspouts should be clear of debris so water can leave the rooftop. Look for patches of moss or lichen growth. These can cause a hole to develop in a roof. Look at the underside of the roof by heading up to your attic. Look for dark spots. These indicate possible water leaks. Use a flashlight with a high-intense beam to look at every part of the attic’s roof.

After you finish your inspection, decide whether you can fix the repairs yourself or hire a professional. Doing minor repairs can save you money. Also, roofers sometimes offer warranties with their jobs. This can help you protect your financial interest. Contact us to know more.

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