Getting Your Daughter Through her First OBGyn Phoenix Appointment

As the parent of a teenage girl, one of the most awkward situations you will find yourself in has to be the day that you decide that it’s time for her to start seeing the obgyn phoenix. For most parents, this is the moment that they realize that their little girl really is a grown up.

No one really knows exactly when girls should start seeing an obgyn. The American College of Gynecology suggests that the yearly exams should start taking place sometimes between your daughters 13th and 15th birthday. Others feel that unless there’s a chance that your daughter is about to become sexually active, that they can wait until they turn 18. If your family has a genetic history of uterine or cervical cancers you will want to introduce your daughter to a gynecologist sooner rather than later.

One of the things that you should explain to your daughter is that they won’t have to go through an internal exam. In most cases, the obgyn phoenix will simply want to meet with your daughter and get to know her, making the situation less awkward when it is time for her first pap smear.

Most mothers seem to think that they have to go into the office with their daughter and be present during the examination. Unless your daughter specifically asks you to attend, you should plan on staying in the lobby. Most girls are more willing to talk about their bodies and sexuality if they know their mom isn’t hanging on every single word.

At some point you’re going to have to sit down and talk to your daughter about what she should expect from the pap smear. Your attitude during this discussion will have a huge impact regarding how much anxiety your daughter experiences during the exam. If you handle the situation in a friendly, matter of fact manner, she will stay calm and relaxed. If you make it sound embarrassing or if you get nervous during the discussion, you could be setting things up in such a way that your daughter will develop a great deal of fear regarding her yearly appointments.

When it comes to finding a gynecologist for your teenage daughter, it’s really important that you look for a doctor that has an outstanding reputation when it comes to working with teenagers. This needs to be a person that has a knack for making teenagers relax. Most experts recommend finding your daughter a female gynecologist. You should also keep in mind that some girls aren’t comfortable with the idea of using the same doctor that their mother uses.

After the obgyn phoenix appointment, don’t pressure your daughter. The amount of information she shares about the appointment needs to be her choice.

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