Getting Your Car Repaired After A Collision

A collision can be an extremely traumatic experience. It is one thing to have been travelling from home to your planned destination only to find that your car gets seriously damaged en route, but it is another thing to possibly end up in hospital as a result. Many collisions are just little ‘dings’ that happen in the ice when both cars are just travelling slowly along and they bump each other, causing minimal damage. Others might be caused by simple neglect of basic observational skills-hitting a parking bollard-and others are just plain dumb driving.

One of the worst possible scenarios for a collision is a road traffic accident whereby two vehicles collide at medium to high speed and both cars are seriously damaged or totally wrecked. Traffic accidents can result in many scenarios such as physical damage or death, as well as property and vehicular damage. The classifications of different types of road traffic accidents are usually described according to the kind of accident they are in, such as head-on. A head-on collision is where two vehicles hit each smack in the front end of both cars. Others are rear-end, rollover, side-on or road departure—being run off the road or leaving the road because of a tire blow-out or other contributing factors.

Cause, Effect and repair

Whatever causes the dent or smash in a car you will want the best fix possible. Many companies have excellent reputations for total body repairs but for autobody collision repair in Gahanna, OH, you might want to look at companies who serve the Gahanna area, either locally or within a certain jurisdiction. The main thing to look for in a repair company is the ability to repair the smallest to the largest of dents, dings, scratches or other damage to the body of the car or vehicle. Your insurance company should cover the damage to your vehicle if you have fully comprehensive insurance coverage, but if you only have liability it will come down to who was at fault during the accident. If your vehicle was hit by another vehicle, the driver of that vehicle should claim for your repairs on their insurance. Always remember to take photos at the scene, whenever possible too.

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