Getting truck driver training

Trucks are an absolute essential in the US; delivering products using the vast interstate highway system that runs to and from all four corners of the country. Those that are interested in pursuing a career as a truck driver need to first go to a truck driver training school where all the elements of driving safely will be instilled.

There are three basic places where a future truck driver can get training; private truck driver training school, public schools and from trucking companies that run their own programs for future drivers. Depending on the school, the fees will differ but in some cases private truck driving schools can offer the student financial aid and other incentives that bring the cost down.

For those who wish to be a truck driver but they cannot afford to go to school, they are usually accepted by trucking companies which run their own schools. In these cases the trucking company expects the driver, once licensed to work for the company for a specific length of time, this may be the only drawback to sponsored education.

The time frame to become an active truck driver varies; it can be as little as three weeks or as long as two months. Before the candidate can begin training he or she must have applied for and received their Class A or B commercial driver’s license. It is illegal to operate a truck for commercial purposes on the roads of the US without this license. Many of the better truck driver training schools work in cooperation with local trucking companies and they may be able to assist in getting a job upon completion of the courses. These programs are ideal as it helps the individual get started quickly with gainful employment as an entry-level truck driver.

While getting training the prospective new driver must focus on learning a number of very important points. The number of hours that a driver can log behind the wheel as well as the rest times is mandated and the driver is responsible for keeping the logbook up to date and accurate. Drivers must be good at route planning and map reading although modern GPS systems have taken much of the worry out of that aspect of driving.

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