Getting the child support you are owed in Newnan, GA

Divorce affects families both emotionally and financially and this must be taken into account by all parties. In some sad situations, the father or mother that is not the primary parent will try to avoid paying for the cost of raising a child. However children require care and monetary care is just as much a part of supporting their needs. If you are looking for more support or you need to revisit the amount awarded to you, a child support lawyer Newnan, GA professional can help. They will provide the appropriate legal counsel to aid you in obtaining a favorable outcome in your case.

Court mandated amount

The court will award a certain amount of child support based on several factors. They take into account how many children are in the home as well as the salary of the supporting parent. Once they have made a determination, the child support will be provided in the designated amount every month. However often a parent may feel as though they are not receiving enough child support. When this happens, it helps to be able to consult with a child support lawyer Newnan, GA law office.

Negotiating child support

Often it can be beneficial to negotiate the amount of child support ahead of time. If both parents can come to an arrangement, then this can make it easier for both parents moving forward. Deciding on an amount outside of court does not mean that the court won’t decide on a separate amount. It is essential to consult with a knowledgeable attorney in order to get an idea of what is possible in your child support case.

Even though getting the child support you are owed can be challenging, in the end you can rest assured knowing that your children are getting the extra care they need.

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