Getting Help for Serious Health Issues from Your Chicago Dental Provider

It can be easy to forget that dentists are real medical doctors. They have undergone the same length and type of medical training as regular doctors. They also graduate from medical colleges and know as much about the human body as any other healthcare provider.

As such, they are qualified to help people with serious health issues like sleep apnea in Chicago. You may overcome some of your worst symptoms by seeking help from your dentist first.

Sleep Apnea Help

People who suffer from sleep apnea in Chicago are at an increased risk of serious illnesses. They can develop high blood pressure and heart disease. They also are at a greater risk of having heart attacks and strokes.

The cause of your sleep apnea can be directly related to your oral health. When you have a dental issue that prevents your mouth from functioning correctly while you are sleeping, you can wake up gasping for breath and coughing. The episode can frighten you and make you not want to go back to sleep.

Your dentist can run a complete scan on your mouth and teeth to tell what the problem is. He or she can then perform dental procedures to correct the problem and help you sleep better.

Unusual Bleeding

Your dentist can also diagnose and treat incidences of unusual bleeding in your mouth. When your gums bleed significantly when you brush your teeth, you can take it as a sign that there is something wrong in your mouth. Your dentist can diagnose problems like abscesses to cancer and then recommend the best plan of treatment for you.

You can find out more about the healthcare issues that dentists are qualified to diagnose and treat online. Contact Art Of Modern Dentistry to request more information or an appointment today.

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