Getting Better With Otolaryngologists in Allentown, PA

Thirty-million Americans suffer from chronic sinusitis. It is common to suffer from sinus problems when pollen is in the air. Indeed, the worse times for most people are fall and spring. As a result, physicians see a lot of patients with sinusitis or sinus infections. Common allergies cause the sinus opening to become inflamed. The inflammation causes a blockage in the sinus opening. Further, the blockage leads to repeated infections. Symptoms include sinus pressure, congestion, headaches and sore throat. The pressure can be so bad that it makes the teeth hurt. Those who suffer from the problem should see a physician.

The first line of defense includes nasal steroid sprays. Other treatments include oral steroids, antibiotics, and antihistamines. If these options fail, physicians may order surgery. Traditional sinus surgery involves going in through the nose to clear blockages. Otolaryngologists in Allentown PA treat sinus ailments and much more. In fact, they are commonly referred to as ENTs. This specialist may recommend a balloon sinuplasty for those who suffer from recurring sinusitis. This new procedure is a less invasive alternative. It can often be performed in the physician’s office under local anesthesia.

First, a small balloon catheter is placed in the inflamed sinus. Next, the balloon is inflated to remove the blockage. The ENT helps the blockage move by spraying saline into the sinus. One of the pluses of balloon sinuplasty is the two-day recovery time. Otolaryngologists in Allentown PA are excited about the procedure. Clinical studies show that over ninety percent of patients still show improvement after nine months. Other studies report improvement lasting up to two years.

The Propel Sinus Implant is another new innovation. After traditional surgery, the implant is placed in the sinus. It delivers steroids in the sinus for a certain period of time. Afterward, the implant dissolves and leaves the body. If you suffer from sinus problems, ask your primary physician for a referral. Many insurance companies require a referral to see a specialist. Fortunately, the implant and balloon sinuplasty are covered by most insurances. Get help today by taking the first step. Visit us and schedule an appointment.

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