Getting a Bail Bond in Oklahoma City

Most people don’t stop and think about how to get a Bail Bond in Oklahoma City until they are in a dire situation. However, it makes great sense to learn a bit more about bail bonds well before an emergency strikes. Hopefully, you’ll never have the need to secure a bail bond, but if you ever need to help a friend out of jail you can rest easy if you know how the process works.

The initial step in securing a Bail Bond in Oklahoma City is contacting a local bail bondsman. Although Oklahoma City does have a number of different options in this area, these choices are not created equal. Look for a Bail Bond company that can offer you a free warrant check and a free inmate search, for starters. In many cases, you might find that when you get that emergency phone call from a friend that they fail to give you all the info you need to actually get them out of jail. The best bail bonds agencies can find the jail where your friend is being held, even if you don’t have any idea where they were arrested.

When you get in touch with your bail bondsman, they will typically make arrangements to meet you at the jail. You will normally be asked to bring a few things along with you. This may include paperwork like proof of income, proof of local residence, and the cash to pay for the bail bond. The amount of the bail bond will vary depending on the total amount of the bail. Sometimes your bail bondsman will have to speak with the jail personnel before they are able to give you the exact bond amount. In general, the total that you will pay is equal to around 10 percent of the bail. This means that if you are facing a bail set at $10,000 that your bail bond will end up being $1,000.

If you are not able to pay the whole amount, ask your bail bondsman about financing. Some of the top local bail bond agencies offer financing. Ideally, you should look for a company that offers 0 percent financing. Don’t forget to look for a bonding company that can respond to your call around the clock, as well!

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