Getting a bachelors degree in nursing

A student can get a bachelors degree in nursing once he or she has completed a four year program at an accredited university or college. One can also build on the training that they have received to date and receive their Bachelor of Science in nursing degree. A candidate for a BSN must first assess their current level of training, if any, and then select the best program available based on this assessment. There are many colleges and universities in the country that prepare students for this degree, some of which even offer some courses online which can be of benefit to working students. In many cases an enrollee in a BSN program will be a transfer student from other bachelor degree programs; it is possible to build on the credits gained from these other programs.

There are many students who will move from an LPN-BSN and use their training that they received for the LPN, Licensed Practical Nurse. It is quite possible of registered nurses (RNs) to also use their experience as they pursue their Bachelor of Nursing degree. These courses that are designed to allow licensed practical nurses and registered nurses to complete a bachelor’s degree are called LPN-BSN and RN-BSN.

There are a number of schools that offer online courses as the student works towards his or her Bachelor of Nursing degree. As is true with “in school” education, students have to spend part of their time working in a medical office, clinic or hospital as their internship program. Regardless of whether the academic part of the education is done in-school or online it is extremely important that all students receive plenty of hands-on training which is designed to prepare them for the day they can perform their duties independently. In both cases, the school usually finds opportunities for internships for the students.

For those who wish to complete their studies quickly they can opt to enroll in accelerated BSN programs. These programs are designed to allow students to finish their course work along with all the other degree requirements quicker than those who are enrolled in a typical four year bachelors program. The key to this is continuing with ones education during those times of the year when most schools are not holding classes. When a student takes courses during the summer months and other school breaks the bachelors program can be completed much faster than four years.

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