Get Ultimate Dependability with a Rackmount KVM Switch

With a Rackmount KVM Switch you can expect easy and dependable server control all the way. These are chosen for all kinds of server rooms, small to large sized ones, because they allow network administrators to monitor and control multiple platform servers from a single console. From test and development labs and server rooms to business with multiple branch locations, anyone can now expect and receive extraordinary operational performance. Flexibility and scalability is high which means that these will grow along with any server network. You can opt for dual port cabling with the switch which is more robust than conventional KVM cabling. It connecting two servers per cable and reduces cable bulk considerably.

For those who want to expand their KVM configuration without sacrificing CPU ports opting for a high end Rackmount Switch make sense, for this comes with dedicated daisy-chain ports. This not only saves on set up time and viewing but also simplifies switching between multiple servers with OSD. It is easy user-friendly usage all the way with flash-upgradeable firmware ensuring consistent compatibility and programmable AutoScan and hot keys offering continuous server monitoring. Available in 4-, 8-, and 16-port models these come with manufacturer warranty and free technical support as well. These are compatible with all major operating systems so seamless integration is possible with existing systems with upgradeable firmware.

It also offers multi-level password security which ensures that only those with authorization like a user or administrator, can access connected computer or servers. This not only enhances security but also reduces errors and performance gaps. There is an option of an easy switch between the ports via OSD or keyboard hot key commands as well as pushbuttons. A multi-port KVM switch can seamlessly connect a LCD screen with keyboard, and touchpad via a 1U rack-mountable drawer. The whole set also includes VGA monitor and PS/2 keyboard/mouse ports which allow easy connection to an external console whenever it is required.

The beauty of the Rackmount KVM Switch is its easy flexibility. So when station sequence is changed the port names are automatically reconfigured. It also allows automatic adjustment of video settings to the built-in LCD display for each individual PC. It supports video resolutions up to 1280 x 1024 which when combined with the former leads to optimal output all the way. Constructed of heavy-duty steel housing these are hot pluggable which means they can add or remove connected PCs and servers without having to power down the switch.

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