Get The Services You Need From Baton Rouge Home Movers

Not all residential moving companies offer the same services and support for customers. As a general statement, long distance moving companies tend to offer a more complete list of services than local companies.

This makes sense as moving out of state, across the country or around the world is a more challenging move than simply moving within Baton Rouge or the surrounding areas. However, even for local moves, the companies offering both local and long distance moving tend to offer a complete listing of possible services.

For budget-conscious families and individuals, choosing home movers with individually priced additional services allows for an easier management of the costs. This also eliminates the need for full packages of services which may not be required.

Packing and Unpacking

Packing and unpacking services through home movers may be an important consideration for time and for fragile and valuable items. Packing crews can come in and expertly pack all the home or just a few rooms. They can also provide packing services for items to be insured.

Unpacking services at the destination are also a help for many busy families. The crews can quickly unpack and place items as requested. They will also remove all packing materials and recycle if the company participates in this type of program.

Crating and Special Packing

The top home movers can provide custom crating for valuable artwork and fragile items or for items of importance for sentimental reasons. These companies will, even with standard household items, take extra care to ensure wrapping and padding for protection both in moving as well as during transport in the truck.

Additional services offered by the best Baton Rouge home movers include short and long term storage, pre-move support as well as 24/7 online move tracking.

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