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by | Oct 18, 2013 | Construction and Maintenance

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There is a lot of work that goes into running a pellet mill. The industrial equipment they use is top of the line. Pellet stoves are becoming a very popular way to create heat in every home because they burn cleaner and the fire is constant. It’s much easier to turn on a pellet stove than to have to stoke a wood fire. When a pellet company needs new equipment or repairs, then it’s important that they receive these services from a professional construction company that has fair pricing.

Leon James Construction company has some very affordable used machinery and equipment for large industrial companies. They buy used industrial equipment that is in good condition, and they sell it to other companies for a discounted price. They specialize also in building equipment for seed and feed processing plants. Pellet mill equipment is just one type of equipment they carry. Because they construct the equipment, they also are experts at doing any type of repairs for industrial feed and seed companies as well. When you run a large industrial company and something goes wrong, then you don’t have time to wait for repairs. You need a company that can put your repair work first.

Along with repairs for Pellet Mills Oregon, most companies also need a construction service who offers all the new equipment they may need and even storage containers. When you have a large mill industry, you usually need some type of grain, feed or pellet storage, that everything can run into once it is created. The whole process of running a mill company is very involved, and that is why they want to work with other professional companies who will have everything they need in one place.

It is amazing how large industries run in today’s world. Technology and engineering feats are used on a regular basis to keep these companies operating. When Pellet Mills Oregon need new equipment, repairs, steel buildings, and other types of construction done for their companies, then they have to make sure that its the very best. In order to keep running and to be successful, they have to work with the right professionals. At Leon James Construction, innovative solutions and customer service are their number one priorities.

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