Get Professional Air Duct Leak Detection in Bradenton, FL Today

Are you concerned about the possibility of a leak in your air conditioning system? Air duct leaks can be extremely costly if not attended to quickly and efficiently. Hiring a professional air conditioning team to come in and assess your air conditioning system is the best way to find and resolve any leak issues quickly. Here are some of the ways your professionals will be able to help with your air duct leak detection and repairs today.

Duct Leak Testing

Professional HVAC specialists can do air duct leak detection in Bradenton, FL through a variety of methods, including blower door and pressure pan. These techniques rely on air pressure to determine whether or not a leak is present in your system and they can do so within a matter of minutes. However, it’s important to note that while this approach will tell your expert team whether or not a leak is present, it won’t be able to tell them where it is.

Manual Detection

Really, the best air duct leak detection will be done by experts manually, so that they can find the problem and address it straight away. Professionals, like those at AC Warehouse, will turn your air conditioning unit on, peel back the insulation in your home, and get to searching through touch for your leak. While it may take a bit longer, the results from this type of repair are much more secure, as the experts can see the problems directly, rather than relying on guess work and smoke.

If you’re concerned that there may be a leak in your air ducts, then finding an HVAC professional is key to fast and efficient repairs. Make sure your AC system is in its best shape by contacting true experts today.

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