General Electric DC Motor 409AT – How to Save Money on Motors

If you run an industrial operation, you may use many kinds of electric motors. DC motors are important for variable speed and servo applications, and if you need to replace your General Electric DC Motor 409AT, you may not want to pay the steep price of a new one. Instead, you have three more options you may want to consider and here is more information on the subject.


If you want the cheapest option, consider buying used motors. However, it is important to have a trusted source for your motors. The best place to check out used motors is a reliable reconditioning company. However, with used motors, you have to take what is in stock, and they are not always easy to find. Yet, you can save a lot of money (tens of thousands of dollars) with a used General Electric DC Motor 409AT.


A reconditioned motor may cost a little more than used, but you get more for your money. The best reconditioning companies have stringent standards, and they repair or replace all bad or worn parts, they make sure everything is in good conditioning with a variety of testing procedures. This gives you a General Electric DC Motor 409AT almost as good as new.

Sell Your Old and Surplus Motors

Many companies fail to take advantage of the money they can make by selling their old or outdated equipment. They may simply sell old motors for scrap, but you make very little money this way. However, when you sell to a trusted remanufacturer, you get top dollar for these motors.

Remanufacturing companies take these motors and recondition the used ones, sell the used ones in good condition, and sell surplus motors. Everyone benefits from this strategy, and it is far more profitable than turning them into scrap for recycling.

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