General and Cosmetic Dentist in Villas

Your smile is one of the first things strangers notice, so it’s important to keep it clean and healthy looking, commonly with Cosmetic Dentistry. If your teeth have become stained or damaged over the years you should consider a visit to your local Dentist in Villas for a cleaning and whitening session. Regular cleaning can keep you teeth healthy, prevent issues later on, and reduce the appearance or even prevent stains. Broken teeth can be capped or even replaced with a dental implant. Your local care provider can help keep your teeth clean and white, so you can make a good impression when meeting people.

Keeping your teeth white and clean can be a challenge for someone who smokes, or drinks coffee or tea. Stains accumulate over the years and create a discoloration in the enamel. Once the stains are set in there are only a few ways to remove them. Brushing your teeth only helps so much, visiting a dentist for a cleaning removes much more than any typical tooth brush could .You can buy a kit to use at home, which may or may not work, or you can visit a dental care professional for a session with guaranteed results. With these two methods you are almost guaranteed to have an attractive, perfectly white smile for many years. Even if stains are not a big concern, it is a good idea to schedule regular cleaning visits with your Dentist in Villas to keep your smile healthy.

Broken or chipped teeth are a little more difficult to repair than stains and discoloration. Chipped teeth look bad, and damage to the enamel on your teeth can spread if left untreated. Broken teeth can be painful and might even lead to issues in the gum’s. Since your gum’s are more sensitive, and prone to infections, it is important to have broken teeth repaired right away. By having broken teeth capped you can prevent serious issues that might cause severe pain and discomfort. IF a tooth is broken too deeply, or at an odd angle, it might need to be pulled, and can be replaced by a dental implant by your Dentist in Villas.