Garage Floor Coating That Makes Your Garage Floor Attractive

Any type of garage from a busy auto mechanic’s garage to a residential garage will benefit from a great looking floor. Unfortunately, most of the readily available garage paints and surfacing options available from a local hardware store or through a paint store simply don’t last.

This is somewhat because of the quality of products they are, but it is also because of the application methods. These garage floor coating systems are designed to be user-friendly and easy, which means they don’t include all of the surface prep and the multi-step processes you will find when professionals apply a quality industrial or commercial garage floor coating.

In a Residential Garage

An attached garage or detached residential garage is more than just a place to store your vehicles. In most homes, it is also a gathering spot, a hobby room, a fix-it place and perhaps even the perfect location for a man cave or a quiet yoga room.

No matter what you want to use your garage for, having a great looking garage floor coating makes the space much more usable. With a quality professional epoxy coating, the floor can look just like granite, quartz or even the more colorful look of terrazzo.

However, unlike these very costly options, this is a low-cost choice. Top quality contractors will guarantee the coating on the floor for life. It will resist stains, even with tough things like grease, oil or chemicals, and it will give that look of natural stone that allows you to use your garage for anything, including for proudly showing off your vehicles.

Professional Garages

Mechanics, car dealerships or specialty types of automotive supply stores will also enjoy the benefits of a professionally applied epoxy garage floor coating. With a range of different colors and design options, you can choose the correct color combination from a more aggregate and variable color option to a consistent color that will be stain resistant and stay looking like new even after years of daily wear.

These coatings will not lift with hot tires, spills from liquids from the engines or even with spills of cleaners and chemicals. A simple wipe of the spill is all it takes to keep the floor looking clean and new.

Cleaning with a broom or a blower once a week will remove dirt and debris, then wash it with warm water or even a pressure hose and squeegee it off for quick drying. You can use readily available pH neutral cleaners if needed, but water will often be all that is required.

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