Funeral Home Honors Veterans with Veteran Services in Davis CA

What does Memorial Day, Veteran’s Day and one California funeral home have in common? They all believe in showing honor to veterans who have given their lives serving in the American military. Whether that veteran died as a result of combat or whether he or she died of natural causes, the greatest thing that can be done when that veteran pass is to give him or her due rights. The right to a hero’s burial is perhaps the greatest homage that can be paid. A particular funeral home provides such Veteran services in Davis CA.

What sort of unique services could a funeral home or chapel offer for veterans? Many types of services are appropriate for veterans, for all types of faiths. People usually choose from the following: traditional funeral services, the customized services, the cremation services, visitations, wakes or viewings, military style services, memorials and tributes and graveside services. Whichever of these is chosen can be customized to reflect the appreciation given to your loved one for service given to the United States of America. Let’s look at a couple of these tribute style services for veterans.

A memorial or tribute service usually does not have a casket or urn present at the service. Normally, there will be a photo of the loved one or some other personal memory of the deceased present while family and friends gather to remember him or her and pay their respects. For a veteran, this could be a photo in full military dress uniform, and/or perhaps some of the medals, certifications or other honors bestowed upon the loved one. A graveside service takes place right at the burial of the loved one. Of course, the traditional 21 gun salute is offered at this time.

McCune Garden Chapel and Milton Carpenter Funeral Home provide optimum funeral and burial solutions for families in the Davis, California area. They offer a variety of funeral services including the traditional funeral, the limited graveside burial and the immediate burial. They offer crematory services and services especially designed for U.S. veterans. If you are looking for such Veteran services in Davis CA, visit the website of McCune Garden Chapel and Milton Carpenter Funeral Home, Website URL.