Frequently Asked Questions About Stump Grinding and Its Benefits

Stumps that are present on an individual’s property can ruin the beauty of their landscape. Not only do stumps hinder the appearance of the property, but they can also be dangerous and cause other issues. You can learn more about Stump Grinding and its benefits by reading the frequently asked questions below.

What are some of the most important benefits of hiring a company to grind the stumps out of the yard?

An old, rotting stump in the yard is very unappealing and after individuals have the stumps removed, they can add dirt to the hole and plant grass seed. As the grass begins to grow, any traces of the stump will be gone. Stumps can also be dangerous when they’re in the yard. When cutting the lawn, individuals must be careful when mowing around the stumps. Bark and deteriorated pieces of a stump can break off and hide in the grass. As the mower runs over these chunks of wood, they can fly out and cause an injury. Another negative aspect of stumps in the yard is the possibility of a termite infestation. These wood-boring insects love living in old tree stumps and if the stumps are in close proximity to the house, the termites may travel into the house. Not only can this cause damage to the home, but it can be expensive to get rid of them.

What happens to a tree stump when a stump grinder is used?

A stump grinder is a piece of equipment that uses a sharp, rotating disc blade to chop a stump into very small pieces. These machines can also chop up the roots so nothing is left of the tree. Stump Grinding is a very efficient means of getting rid of a tree stump because the entire stump is completely shredded when the process is complete. The wood shavings that remain after the stump grinder is used can be collected and placed around other areas of the property for mulch.

Contact the professionals at Timberline Tree Service to remove the unwanted and unsightly tree stumps on your property. This company also provides additional tree services including removal, trimming, cabling, bracing and lot clearing.

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