Frequently Asked Questions About Dog Daycare Services In Chicago

If your dog gets lonely or becomes destructive while you’re away at work, consider placing your pet in daycare. While at the facility, your dog will be able to get plenty of exercise and excellent care. If this sounds like something your dog would love, read the frequently asked questions below about Dog Daycare Services Chicago area facilities.

Q.) Do the dogs at the daycare play with other dogs at the facility?

A.) The answer to this question depends on the personality of your dog. When your dog first arrives at the center, the staff will monitor the way your pet interacts with the other dogs at the facility. If your dog plays well with the other dogs, and doesn’t act aggressive, your pet will be able to play with the group. If your dog would rather be alone, the staff will place your pet in a private area away from other dogs.

Q.) Is food provided by the daycare?

A.) When you leave your pet at the daycare during the day, the staff at the boarding facility will make sure your dog has plenty of fresh water and food throughout the day. You don’t have to supply your own food unless your pet is on a special diet and only eats a certain type of food.

Q.) Does the daycare center give needed medications to the dogs?

A.) If your dog is on medication, the staff at the center will ensure your pet receives the prescribed doses at the correct times.

Q.) How do dogs benefit from staying at a daycare instead of being at home in familiar surroundings?

A.) Most dogs get bored and lonely when they are left alone for several hours during the day. When dogs become bored, it’s not uncommon for them to chew on furniture, shoes, and anything else they can find. Not only is your pet showing destructive behavior, but your dog could eat something that’s not safe and become ill. When your dog is at Dog Daycare Services in Chicago area facilities, you’ll know your dog is safe and being taken care of while you’re at work.

The Chicago Canine Academy offers training and boarding services for puppies and dogs. Visit their website for more information and rates.